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Trail Ride with Us And Get The ultimate western experience


To experience wilderness, history or a whole day in the saddle, join us for a western horseback adventure.

With a range of guided trail rides, cowboy bbq cookouts and historic sightseeing rides, we have something for everyone. 



  • Discover a side of Bulgaria's wild nature that you can only see on horseback

  • Choose from many different trail rides: one hour to all day adventures - for intermediate to advanced horseback riders

  • All rides include a friendly cowboy or cowgirl guide

Summer Specials:

Camp & Ride

Mounted Bushcraft

Borika dam & Botanical Gardens

Mountains views, pine forests walks & a river crossings await you on our way to Borika dam with the  possibility to spot some of our otherwise shy wildlife. Open fields give the opportunity to trot and gallop.

Borika dam is home to a diversity of birds like herons and ducks. After passing by, we visit Borika village and its lovely Botanical Gardens, before making our way back home.

2:00 h or

3:00 h with Botanical Garden


Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox, Snakes, Ducks, Lizzards, Heron

Mativir River Loop

Take in the great mountain scenery, while we descent into the river bed of Mativir River. Experience multiple river crossings and climb back up through through old oak and beech forests. A relaxed and cooling ride during the summer months and charming colors experience during autumn.

1:30 h


Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox, Buzzard, Lizzards

St. Petka Monastery

A leisurely tour to the historic, but functioning  nunnery St. Petka near Vakarel with opportunities to trot and gallop along open fields. This historic monastery was built in the 18th century with the permission of the Osman empire.

Learn about Bulgaria's history on this lovely ride.

2:00 h


Deer, Buzzard, Lizzard, Fox

Gabra Loop

Our path leads us through beech & oak forests, open fields and the charmingly tucked in Bozhilovo lake towards Gabra. We pass the outskirts of the mountain village Gabra and make a stop at St. Demetrius Chapel built in 1865, before we make our way back with opportunities to trot and canter.

2:00 h


Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox, Buzzard, Lizzards


This trail leads you north-west of Horsenook stables. Mountainous terrain, climbs and descents, river crossings, trotting through oak and galloping  through pine forests until you reach the secluded and old, but beautifully restored village of Krushovitsa.

3:00 h

Intermediate - Advanced

Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox

Chapel Holy Trinity 

If you enjoy a diversity of terrain with plenty of ups and downs you will love this one! Passing the Monastery Sv. Petka on our way, we cross the freeway, the railway tracks, the village of Vakarel, ride along side marshlands and climb back up to 960 m, where the charming Chapel Holy Trinity (built in 1930) and its healing spring are located.

Adventures, views and history are packed in this half day ride with a descent of 300 m.

Half Day

Intermediate - Advanced

Deer, Hare, Fox, Buzzard,  Ducks, Snakes, Lizzards

Bakardere Dam 

Breathtaking views and the opportunity to spot wildlife are packed into this half day ride. We make our way downhill, cross Mativir River, Baba river and ride towards the large Bakardere Dam. After a rest, our path leads us back towards a row of small villages before we reach the highest point - Brankovska Kitka 1030 m to admire a stunning sunset shortly before arriving back home. A diverse ride with plenty of opportunities to trot and canter.

3 or  4 h

Intermediate - Advanced

Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox, Buzzard,  Ducks, Lizzards

Iskar Dam

Enjoy one day in the saddle with plenty of views and a diversity of terrain.

We bring food and drinks to enjoy multiple Cowboy Picknicks along the way, you bring your camera and indulge with us in an adventure to remember.

One Day

Intermediate - Advanced

Deer, Wild pig, Hare, Fox, Buzzard,  Ducks, Lizzards

And many more ...

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