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Image by Elijah Hail

Confident Rider


The horse... a large and powerful animal.

Many people admire horses as a symbol or an idea, but are also afraid of them.
Will she bite me? Will he kick me, if I walk behind him? Will he stand on his hind legs while I ride? What if I lose control?

This program is aimed to help you understand the Horse.
Horses communicate all the time. If you are able to recognize and properly understand its language, you can successfully communicate with each other. And that is the key in having confidence in your interactions, which will transform you into a trustworthy and self-reliant leader.​
From the way horses think to why they act & react the way they do - to how their mind and body are operating in relation to each other, you will get the chance to learn and experience every step of the way. You will take in all the theoretical knowledge you need while you practice hands on.  Your class rooms will be the stables, arena and the outdoors.
Communicating successfully will increase your riding performance, eliminate any sort of worry or fear that might have stopped you from enjoying horseback riding or horses in general. 

Because every one of us learns in a different manner and pace, this program will be completely customized to you as an individual. 
However, you will complete the program having achieved all the goals necessary to become and stay a confident rider.

The natural horse
Herd behaviour
Body language

Riding exercises
Fixing acute problems

Recommenden reads

Tom Dorrance - "True Unity"

Bill Dorrance - "True Horsemanship Through Feel"

GaWaNi Ponyboy - "Horse, Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship"

Buck Brannamn: "The Far Away Horses"

Mark Rashid: "A Journey to Softness"

Cherry Hill: "How to Think Like a Horse"

Antoine de Pluvinel: "The Maneige Royal or L’Instruction du Roy"

"There are things that the horse did for me that a human couldn't have done."

~  Buck Brannaman

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