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Making Gold Jewelries
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Your handcrafted horsehair jewelry

How can I order?

You can find our shop on Etsy:

• Chose a design

• Measure the size of your wrist or neck

• Send me the required amount of horsehair or order horse hair we have in stocl

• Add any special wishes you would like me to incorporate in your unique treasure.

What amount of horsehair is needed?

◉ Minimum length = 30 cm (13 inches) for a bracelet

◉ Minimum length = 70 cm (27 inches) for a collier
◉ Minimum bundle width = 1 cm ( 0,5 inches) or thickness of your finger.
◉ Tail hair only please
◉ Secure thickest part of hair with rubber band

◉ It is not necessary for you to wash it. I will. 

◉ Please label with your and your horses name
◉ Mailing address will be provided upon order.

Contact me to order.

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