Our Horses

  • Graceful Ginnin

    American Quarter Horse

    Grace was born in Germany in 2015. With grandparents like the famous American quarter horses Tanquery Gin, Doc Olena and Peppy San Badger, she's got the best of reining and cutting in her blood. Sweet, exceptionally intelligent, patient and curious, she is the herd leader and most communicative with humans. 

  • Blackheart de Monterey

    Danube - Paint cross

    Born in 2015, this handsome boy lived on a secluded ranch with other horses, with almost no contact to humans. His training began in spring, 2019 and although as shy as a wild horse at the beginning, he has already proven to be a wonderful trail companion, sure-footed, soft and readily responsive, while brave, when meeting new challenges. 

  • Monetta


    Monetta (Omir's sister) came to us, because their owners could not care for her anymore. Although previously ridden, we introduced and trained Omir and Monetta through Natural Horsemanship at our ranch in fall 2019. Her size , experienced age and adorable face make her perfect for kids! She's got the patience to stand, while she's being brushed, petted and hugged.

  • Omir


    Omir is one handsome Haflinger! His age is his advantage: Omir is relaxed and sure-footed, as well as agile and strong, Nothing can worry him! He is a wonderful, calm horse that makes every trail ride a great experience.

    Omir and Monetta's parents and grandparents were Austrian, German and French Haflingers.


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