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IMMUNIS - Art by Nature

We had the pleasure to work with and create photography images for their world's first innovative aromatherapy mask - here at Horsenook.

IMMUNIS is a boutique laboratory which develops and selects recipes with high quality and pure natural products. Their goal is to use plants and products created far from the polluted and industrialized environment.

IMMUNIS Boutique Herbal Lab offers high quality extracts, a selection of tea, honey and a variety of comprehensive programs to increase immunity and purify the body.

The world's first innovative aromatherapy mask by IMMUNIS Boutique Herbal Lab is designed to bring you a perfect absorption of the natural aromas of selected herbs and plants by inhalation. The unique IMMUNIS mask was developed to help you detoxify your body and clear your airways.

The positive and supportive effects of herbs on body and mind have been proven for centuries. That is something we tend to dismiss in our busy and fast moving modern world. That is why we fully support IMMUNIS and the preservation and protection of our precious wild nature.


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