Natural Horsemanship and our Approach

Mutual trust and respect is the essential in the relationship between human and horse. 

When will a horse fully trust and respect?

To understand that, one needs to understand how a horse thinks and feels, how horses interact between each other in a herd. In general, horses won't differ, if you are horse or human. If you make them feel good, if they feel safe around you and comfortable, they will stay with you, regardless of who or what species you are. 

Horses use foremost body language to communicate. And that's what we work with, which doesn't exclude verbal cues.

Through repetition, patience and a right timed reward, horses learn quickly. It is important to remember that the clearer your message is, the easier the horse will understand and the faster they learn.

Horses can be quite nasty to each other. In order to establish respect and their pecking order, they will kick, bite and vigorously fight each other. What becomes dangerous to a human is that horses don't care if you make out only 15-20 % of their body and muscle weight, they will treat you no differently then their fellow mates.

Meaning, you will get kicked, bitten and stamped (also bucked off) by a horse that disrespects you. 

Trust and respect are connected.

If a horse respects you, it will trust you. No horse will follow you, if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe with you. 

For thousands of years, horses have survived in the wild, where they were and still are, exposed to death through predators and natural disasters.

A horses brain has evolved to function in a way that differs from a human brain.

Horses are herd animals. 

It is crucial for horses to have a herd leader. A leader they trust and respect. They know, a strong leader will protect and lead them to safety, food and water. Nothing else matters. That's the way the horses brain is wired. In order to insure the best possible leader, horses constantly test.

They test 24 hours a day, who is stronger, smarter.

And that's what they do to us, too.


The method we use, is built on one key stone: understanding & communication.

Miscommunication is the biggest enemy to a healthy relationship. It is crucial to pick up everything that your horse communicates. And horses communicate all the time, they actually share their emotions constantly.

It is like learning a foreign language. 

And my aim is to teach you this language so that you can ultimately acquire the "feel".

Having the feel for horses is what makes you one of them. This is what makes you a confident and safe horseman/ horsewoman.


No matter your discipline, your horse breed, your age or experience

- when you understand horses, you can communicate and reach full body control in a natural way. You will have a trusting and successful partnership, that will lead you anywhere you decide and dream of.

Exercises, easy to follow for horse and rider, from ground and from the saddle, are the tools I give you to establish trust and respect.

There can be countless different situations you can find yourself in with a horse, but with a trusting and respecting partner and the tools to keep your relationship healthy, you won't have to worry anymore.

That is my mission.

                                                                         - Chris

More about Horsemanship & Natural Horsemanship

Videos and Photos

Chris Shalliev - Horseman

I was born and raised in Bulgaria and my first experience with a horse began at the age of 6, when I lawlessly broke and rode the mare of our neighbor.

In my teenage years, I began training English riding and also competed in both, Jumping and Dressage.

Since 2010 I have been developing my Natural Horsemanship and Western riding skills following the methods of world-renowned horsemen.

I train horses and I teach people. In particular, horse owners, but I also train horses for the movie industry and reining.

My expertise lies in Colt-starting and rehabilitating problem horses of all ages and breeds.

In the past two years I've had the chance to expand my knowledge worldwide, while coaching clients and their horses in other European countries and working in ranches in Western Canada, which enriched my experience in many new ways.

Languages: English, German, Bulgarian


The Team


Ivelina Shalliev - Horsewoman

No matter how trivial it sounds, horses and horse training is literally my childhood dream. My passion... My freedom... And the most real and pure emotion.

In 2012 I actively started horse riding and horse training. 

I studied natural horsemanship and through this method I excelled easy and was soon able to start coaching novice riders and young horses myself.

(By the way, Chris was and is my coach from day one.)

How do I profit from working and training through this method?

+ real contact with the horse

+ calmness during a safe training

+ pleasure and satisfaction through achieved results and the easy communication with the horses.


I am especially interested in Freedom Riding and Freestyle Reining.

Languages: German, English, Bulgarian

Nadia Reid - Horsewoman

Horses have always held a fascination for me.

I grew up in Germany and that is where I had my first riding lessons, specifically, English Riding.

In 2014, while living in New Zealand, I received the chance to audit one of Buck Brannaman's clinics and there is where I first signed up for Natural Horsemanship training with local horsemen and -women.

It was in New Zealand also, when I first came in contact with feral horses. Which then led to a special interest in working with untouched horses.

Ever since, I have been devoting my time to Natural Horsemanship and since 2015, Western riding.

I train horses - from colt starting to fixing behavioral issues, as well as people - from novice riders to horse owners. 

Being the mother of a young girl, I am also especially interested in educating children to communicate with horses in a safe and assertive way.


Languages: German, English, Bulgarian

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