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can have - is you!

We just help you succeed.


Horsemanship Consulting

Dear Horsefriend.

Dear Horsemen and Horsewomen.

A calm and relaxed horse, worry-free and easy under control in any situation -

that is how everyone should be able to enjoy horses.

Achieving full body control through mutual trust and respect is possible -

for every horse and every rider.


Training for over a decade a diverse range of horses - and humans, has taught me to recognize the essentials to a healthy and safe relationship between horse and human.

I want people to enjoy riding! To enjoy their horse-human connection!

I want horses to be happy and relaxed around their humans and live a long and good life.

I want to see you succeed in whatever it is you do with your horse, no matter the discipline or activities you love.

The greatest issue between horse and human is miscommunication. We, as humans, need to learn the horse's language, in order to be able to teach them our language.

That's what I do.

I teach people to understand horses.

And I help horses to understand people.

This is not a stiff, ready-made course. This is about you, about your horse and the beauty of your connection. 

Chris Shalliev is one of Europe's most talented young horsemen. Together with his team he created Horsenook | Horsemanship Consulting - to accompany, coach and support you and your horse personally - with a completely individual approach.

Horsenook Horsemanship Consulting Intro
Възпроизвеждане на видеото

How we can help You


⛔ Bites, kicks, bolts, rears or bucks.

⛔ Spooks easily. Is nervous or scared.

⛔ Does not want to be touched

⛔ Has developed a sudden fear or problem.

⛔ Runs away from you. Doesn't want to be near you.

⛔ Disrespects your commands. Rushes. Doesn't stop / go.



⛔ Are scared to ride or scared of your horse.

⛔ Feel helpless.

⛔ Don't understand his/her behavior.

⛔ Can't move past a certain problem.

⛔ Are frustrated and in need of immediate help.


✅ Listen to you 

✅ Analyze the root of the problem

✅ Give you a an immediate plan of action 

✅ Stay with you and accompany you 24 / 7 

✅ Teach you to understand your horse, its behavior and the "why"

✅ Teach you to fix issues before they become bad habits

✅ Eliminate problems long-term



✅ Learn to understand your horse. Acquire the "Feel".

✅ Receive the tools to fix any acute issues - long term.

✅ Become a fair and confident leader.


✅ Earn your horses respect and build solid trust.

✅ Restore your confidence and joy. In any situation.




  • Choose one of our Horsemanship Packages

  • Sign into our member area

  • Write your heart out and film or let someone film the issues (phone is perfect!)

  • Load it up and push the send button ➡ professional help is on the way:

  • We will get in touch with you and respond with a plan of action 

  • Create custom content for you: videos & pdf guides, for easy understanding & implementation

  • Applicable to all disciplines and ages

  • Customized to set you up for success!

  • ​Long term.

Our Service

Horsemanship Packages


Horsemanship SOS

This one-time purchase, Horsemanship Consultation Package is perfect, if you & your horse experience communication problems, behavioral issues during riding, ground work or daily handling and need immediate professional help.

You receive:

⊃ 1 x Extensive Horsemanship

   Consultation: & Video Analysis

⊃ Customized Action And Training Plan

⊃ 3 x Extensive Weekly Feedbacks

⊃ 24 h Un-Worry Support

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 15.35.56.png

Horsemanship ABC

Think like a horse!

Month by month, you learn how to identify and fix acute or long term problems. With the tools we give you, you will achieve full body control based on mutual trust and respect with any horse and any situation, to create that connection you dream of.

You receive:

⊃ Monthly Extensive Horsemanship

   Consultation: & Video Analysis

⊃ Customized Action And Training Plans

⊃ Weekly Extensive Feedbacks

⊃ 24h Un-Worry Support



Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 16.00.57.png

Horsemanship Lux

The one year Horsemanship Class:

for the ones that are willing to commit!

You benefit from all of our Horsemanship knowledge and years of experience.

Under our personal guidance and constant support, you will achieve starting from basic up to advanced Horsemanship skills and excel in your communication - to create safe, trusting and long lasting partners in your horses.

You receive:

⊃ Monthly Extensive Horsemanship

   Consultation: & Video Analysis 

⊃ Customized Action And Training Plans

⊃ Weekly Feedbacks

⊃ 24h Un-Worry Support

Free: 2 Months Of Membership


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 16.03.09.png


I turned to Chris for help because of a mare, with whom I faced training difficulties. A 5 year old Arabian Shagya. She was extremely nervous during riding, very sensitive to leg and bridle cues, and almost did not want to keep a slow pace like walking with a rider on her back - she was constantly hurrying and trotting. During riding she was very tense and hasty. Every cue or command given by the rider was a reason for her to resist or to do the opposite or to hurry or all of it together ... So my training with her was a constant struggle and buckets of sweat, 2,5-3 hours until she was tired out and allowed me to apply commands, without opposing or without wanting to escape the training. At the same time, I got very nervous when working with her, I had no desire to work with her, I was already convienced that things would happen with great difficulty.

Chris showed me the way the horses think, he helped me understand why the horse reacts the way it does in certain situations. I became much more relaxed and patient, which then was passed on to the mare and it is now possible for me to work with her without that amount of sweat and almost without any struggle. He taught me how to slow down the mares thinking and reactions, and my reactions to be steady and smooth. Of course, I have much more to learn but at least the first steps have been taken. I have learned important details that I have missed so far in the work from the ground and from the saddle.

Horses undoubtedly need the right training, but the riders' need of such definitely comes first."

—  Vania Lazarova, Horse Riding Trainer

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